Thank you for your interest in Freddy Valentine's Public House.

Freddy's is a first come first serve restaurant, we only take reservations for one table for groups of 6 to 8 in our unique vault room.  Otherwise, we do not take reservations.  

If going to an APT Show please try to arrive a minimum of two hours prior to the show, earlier is recommended as waitlists are very common on show nights. 

EXPECTATIONS - Freddy's is a casual restaurant, with exceptional reseasonably priced menu items, with a friendly staff, a beautiful environment and many beverage options.  What Freddy's is not... is fine dining.  The size of our kitchen does not accomidate a ticket expeditor, plus with the high volume our kitchen produces during tourist season Freddy's can not accomidate those customers wanting a fine dining experience.  We will offer 1st course and main meal service, not 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Additionally, when there is a wait list for tables please be considerate to other patrons, many of which may have small children, elderly, or also trying to make it to the theatre, and kindly reliquish your table in a timely manner when your meal is finished.  Thank you for your consideration.

We are so happy you chose Freddy Valentine's as your dining destination and we look forward to serving you!


134 W Jefferson St. (The Historic State Bank of Spring Green)
Spring Green, WI 53588